IX Miglio Bianco



This wine is named after the location of our vineyard, at the IX mile of Appia Antica. It is probably the most representative wine of our territory. It is actually a blend according to the procedural guideline of the DOP Marino. The Marino wine has an ancient and fascinating history: it is the wine that the Romans used to drink; it was formerly called Albanum, since it was produced in the area of the Alban Hills, rising around Rome. The name Marino comes from the exposure of the vineyard to the sea. The wine presents iodized nuances, made more complex by the volcanic richness in minerals of Riserva della Cascina’s soil. IX Miglio Bianco is a delicate and pleasant wine, tasty and full, and it has inherited from the Marino wine the role of traditional companion of the Roman cuisine.

Technical features

  • Grapes: Malvasia Puntinata, Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia Rossa, Bellone, Bombino Bianco, Trebbiano Giallo.
  • Wine-making: white wine, fermentation temperature around 17°C.
  • Colour: straw yellow with golden reflections.
  • Bouquet: fine, with notes of white flesh fruit, tropical fruit, citrus fruit, white flowers, and mineral nuances of flint.
  • Taste: dry, medium warm, quite soft, fresh, tasty.
  • Food matching : it is perfect with appetizers and fish, very enjoyable with white meat. Serve chilled at 8-10°C.
  • Alcohol: 12,5% vol.
IX Miglio Bianco